Pomerol is one of Bordeaux's finest red wines and undoubtedly one of the most exceptional wines in the world.  It combines the richness of Burgundy with the delicacy of Médoc and the generosity of its neighbouring appellation, Saint-Emilion.


Quite a unique standard of quality exists in every part of Pomerol's terroir, due to this appellation's small area (approximately 800 hectares) and the consistency of its gravelly, sandy soil, lying above a sub-soil comprised of soft tertiary sandstone containing iron oxide.


The wines of Château Ferrand are produced by vines planted on the southern slopes of the Pomerol plateau.  The vines of Château Haut-Ferrand are grown on gravelly soils, also found on the Pomerol plateau.


These two wines can be aged for many years.  They are both given equally attentive care and meticulous analysis is devoted to selecting the grape varieties (Cabernet and Merlot).