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Ferrand Pomerol

Château Ferrand, Haut Ferrand & Fleur Ferrand

The Gasparoux family’s history in Bordeaux started in 1902 when Jean-Baptiste escaped the hardships of life on the beautiful but impoverished Plateau de Millevaches in Corrèze to establish himself as a merchant in the town of Libourne.

In 1934, his son Fernand, after also working as a merchant, decided to fulfil his dream of being a wine grower and purchased Château Ferrand. Over the years, he went on to increase the size of the estate as well as improve the quality of the wine produced. In 1975, he continued to expand his vineyard buying several hectares of land on the Pomerol plateau. The result of this was Château Haut Ferrand, a wine that is both delicate and well structured.

In 1981, Fernand’s son Henry took over the family story. In 2009, with the able assistance of his sons, he decided to diversify the range and developed the Fleur Ferrand vintage. This outstanding vintage perfectly encapsulated the magnificent Pomerol terroir.


Referred to as the archetypical Bordeaux appellation, Pomerol is one of the most highly regarded – even legendary, in some eyes – appellation in the region. 

Originally, white grapes were planted in the vineyards. However, following a bout of phylloxera at the end of the 19th century and the subsequent vine devastation, wine growers chose to replant with red varieties that were more suited to the terroir

An appellation that denotes hundreds of years of wine-growing history, it produces elegant, vivid wines with great balance. Their outstanding structure as well-ageing fine wines mean they can be enjoyed as much while young as after decades in a cellar.

This Bordeaux appellation is slightly smaller so its wines are often in limited batches and are recognised as the best in the world.

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Ferrand Pomerol


Pomerol wine, one of the best red wines…