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Château Haut-ferrand

Pomerol wine, one of the best red wines…

Discover the Château Haut-ferrand

Château Haut Ferrand makes up just under 20% of annual production. The plots are located on the Pomerol plateau, near to the church, and enjoy gritty, clay-like soil. This area of Pomerol is one of the highest quality of the appellation where the terroir reveals itself in the vintages remarkably.

The roughly three hectares of the property are made up of 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc. The predominance of Merlot in the Château Haut Ferrand blend provides the sweetness and roundness associated with this variety while its bouquet with aromas of ripe or preserved fruit and venison gives it the sophistication and harmony specific to Pomerol fine wines.

This wine ages very well and, after breathing, is ideal with game dishes, meat served either in sauce or grilled, or chocolate desserts.

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